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Tualatin Hills Barracudas provides an organized swimming program for adults. We promote good health, fitness, and friendship through regular swimming. We offer a variety of organized events, including coached workouts, swimming competitions, technique clinics and team social events.

welcome to the 2017 tualatin hills barracudas annual february fitness challenge

This international swimming event challenges you to improve your overall fitness abilities. Set a goal to swim as many yards as you can during the month of February with the ultimate challenge of swimming 100,000+ yards. 

We are in the process of updating this page for the 2017 challenge. Check back on January 17 to get the 2017 entry form and all instructions. 

NEW  this year! We will have a link to an interactive swim forum that will provide you with yet another avenue to challenge yourself. Starting Feb 1 (fingers-crossed) you will be able to compare your daily results with other swimmers. Pretty exciting stuff indeed, so stay tuned. 

If you have any questions, please email me.

Best of luck!
Jenn Pidkowicz


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