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Tualatin Hills Barracudas provides an organized swimming program for adults. We promote good health, fitness, and friendship through regular swimming. We offer a variety of organized events, including coached workouts, swimming competitions, technique clinics and team social events.

The 2016 February Fitness Challenge will soon be underway!

This annual event is hosted by the Tualatin Hills Barracudas and promotes fitness by encouraging swimmers to maximize their workout frequency and yardage during the month of February. We invite you to “swim in” and join the 2016 February Fitness Challenge, and we hope you will have a successful and rewarding month of swimming.

There are a few changes to this year’s challenge.  Our hopes are to make the Challenge more “green” and environmentally friendly; we encourage you to complete as much online as possible and request that you help us commit to this.  We prefer that you email your entry form (click here to download) and we now have an online payment option, but we will also accept mail-in entries and payment.

The online payment option allows you to enter, log your yardage, pay your fees, and purchase t-shirts and caps. Payment will be handled by Google Checkout, so your personal and financial information will be totally secure. Click here and follow their instructions. There is a small service fee for using the online payment option.

Mail-in procedures are the same as always. We welcome your entries either way, but again encourage online entries.

This year we will continue with honoring your accomplishments via an official certificate of achievement and results booklet.  Results will be emailed to all participants.  Certificates will only by emailed or mailed if you indicate you would like to receive one.  Each certificate will acknowledge your yardage and number of days you swam.  

Our Excel spreadsheet is available to help you keep track of your yardage this year and it also can be used as your entry. Click here to download this helpful spreadsheet.  Those of you who use this spreadsheet are welcome to mail (preferably email) it as your entry form rather than filling out the separate entry form. Use the tabs at the bottom of the Excel Spreadsheet and click on Tracking. As you fill in the Tracking Form during February, it will automatically fill in your totals on the Entry Form. At the end of February click on Entry Form and fill in the personal data and then print the Entry Form and mail it in or email with your form as an attachment.  This will help you and it will really help us.

Our Graphic Designer has designed another great T-Shirt for this year.  We will offer the T-Shirt in either short sleeves or long sleeves.  They are heather grey with the above logo

Again for 2016, mailing costs continue to be the big “challenge” for the Barracudas. To help us out we are offering this deal. For any team with 5 or more entrants we will give a free cap to the “Team Distributor”. All of the individual mailing envelope packages will be packed in one large box. This box will be mailed to the “Team Distributor”, who in turn will hand out the envelopes (each clearly marked with the name of the swimmer) to their teammates at their home pool.  If you are willing to be the “Team Distributor” for your team please contact us by email.

Thanks and let’s have another great Challenge!


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Jenn Pidkowicz
February Fitness Challenge Director


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