Tualatin Hills Barracudas

Masters Swimming Since 1981

Tualatin Hills Barracudas provides an organized swimming program for adults. We promote good health, fitness, and friendship through regular swimming. We offer a variety of organized events, including coached workouts, swimming competitions, technique clinics and team social events.

In Fall of 2017, THB hosted its first ePostal Two-Mile Relay.

The ePostal Two-Mile Relay event is swum by 4 swimmers, each swimming 9×100 yards in rotation until they reach 3600 yards. It can also be swum with 3 swimmers each swimming 12×100, or two swimmers each swimming 18×100 alternately. You can start from the blocks, and it is strongly suggested that you have a ladder close by! The event can also be swum in a meter pool, with times converted.

All ePostal Two-Mile Relays were swum between October 1st and November 30, 2017.  The complete results are below.